What is a Sugar Momma?

You have probably heard the term sugar daddy before.  When you think of a sugar daddy, you may imagine an older gentleman with money treating an attractive young lady to gifts and meals.  And you may not be far off. But, sugar daddies are not the only sect of the population who get to enjoy spending on younger, attractive people.  Sugar mommas are much like sugar daddies.  They are women who have the resources and desire to spend time with younger men while buying them gifts.  The men give the sugar mommas the attention and adulation they deserve and desire.  But what is a sugar momma?  What makes a sugar momma unique and different from a female cougar, for example?
They Have Class

Sugar mommas have class.  They are women who know how to follow the rules of society.  They know how to handle situations with tact as well as how to gracefully enter and exit a room.  Sugar mommas carry an air of sophistication with no snobbery.  They know how to make everyone feel special, as if they are the only one in the room.

They Have Style

A sugar momma knows how to dress to impress.  They can pull out that gown for a night out that will light up the town, yet they can wear the best looking sweatpants for a day around the house. Sugar mommas now the latest fashion trends because they help to define them.  What is a sugar momma?  A sugar momma is someone who knows how to dress for the occasion better than the rest.

They Work Hard

Sugar mommas work hard for what they have, and they know how to enjoy it.  They did not get money from daddy’s trust fund or a lump sum left to them.  These are women who worked hard from the ground up to build their wealth.  That is why they appreciate everything they have and do not mind spending on it on that special young sugar baby who treats her right.

So what is a sugar momma? A sugar momma is a combination of class, style, and hard work.  This is a rare combination of a woman who is someone special to spend time with. She is a person who has great worth and strong values.  She is looking for someone who can appreciate and compliment her life.  That could be you.  Find out now by checking out the sugar mommas on our sugar momma dating site.

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