A Gift Buying Guide For Sugar Mommas

Having a Sugar Momma means that you are agreeing to be gifting your sugar baby during the relationship.  This is part of joining the best sugar momma dating siteSites like ours ensure that it is clear on how gifting will be a part of the process.  You do not, however, have to gift on a whim or without a plan.  Buying a gift for your sugar baby should be something that is fun for you to do as much as it is for your sweet guy to receive.  That is why we have come up with this gift buying guide for sugar mommas who are buying gifts.

Personalize It

Any relationship deserves an amount of personal attention, which means attention to detail.  This  true when you are a sugar momma.  As a sugar momma, you want to ensure that you are keeping your guy happy so that he keeps you happy in return.  Just like you want the kind of attention given to you personalized based on your needs, so should his gift be this thought out.  You do not have to guess, however.  Because gifting is an explicit part of the relationship, ask your special guy what he needs or likes so  you can give him what he asked for.  No need for mind reading here.

Surprise, Surprise

Some people do not like surprises.  And if your sugar baby does not want surprises, that should be discussed up front.  Given that they probably do, surprise them every now and again with a small token of appreciation.  It does not have to be something expensive like a gold watch.  Perhaps a nice suit, tie, or pair of shoes for that dinner date will do.  Anything to make your relationship spontaneous is the goal with a surprise. Plus, deliver it in a surprising way as well, such as leaving it on the pillow in the morning or in the pocket of that shirt he always wears.

Appropriate Large Expenditures

If you are in a relationship where you are just over the moon, then you might want to purchase something large for your sugar guy.  After all, finding him on the best sugar momma dating site was an amazing experience, and you are probably grateful for that.  When buying a big ticket item such as contributing toward college, a ticket to an expensive event he likes, or the like, it is important to be clear about your expectations.  Because of the nature of the relationship, you need to explain why you are gifting this, and if you have any expectations in return.  The worst thing that can happen is you gift big and feel your guy took it for granted.

It is a Two-Way Street

In a sugar momma relationship started on the best sugar momma dating site, gifting is to be done both ways.  Do not let your baby forget this.  His gifts may be presented differently and not always monetarily.  Nonetheless, he should be gifting you.  If he is not picking up on your likes from conversations or subtle hints, then speak to him directly about this.  You want a sugar baby who gets you and can show you that appreciation with a gift.  You deserve that!

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